Feminine Infusion Herbal Bath Salts

Welcome to the moment where relaxation meets detoxification! This 8 oz package comes in 2 very relaxing options. Our Dandelion Rose Herbal Detox Bath has a Himalayan salt detox base with loose dandelion leaf and a red rose petal organic herb infusion. The dry herbs added benefit the skin with oil control, acts as a skin toner, promotes digestion, assists with hormone balance, can assist with premenstrual symptoms, and as if you needed the boost this gem will make your skin glow ! Our Lavender Hibiscus Herbal Detox Bath also has a Himalayan salt detox base but this gorgeous salt is infused with lavender, hibiscus, and notes of red raspberry leaf to restore femininity. Restoration of a Queen is always our goal and aspiration. The herbs in this blend promote relaxation, have anti-aging properties,  boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, and assists with sleep related issues due to insomnia. Both Salts can be utilized as a full body bath, foot detox or a mild salt scrub. Essential Oils are added at time of packaging for fragrance and skin benefits. Not intended for internal use. 
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