The Tune Up

It all started with self, and now it’s time to return. The world slowed, and now that it has I have slowed down with it. My energy that I pour into others has now reverted to a path of restoration where I have begun to pour back into myself. I have begun noticing the places that need realignment. Delicate corners of myself that I have let become dusty due to my ability to allow them to be packed away in the attics and corners of my subconscious and manifested as aches and pains in my body: they have been waiting for me. Once you notice the need for a spiritual tune up how do you accomplish it? What tools are utilized to restore your mind, body, energy, & soul back to a condition that allows you to feel whole?

Imagine your body in the sense of the car riding onto the lever, horizontally laying flat with your eyes gazing toward the sky. As you are being elevated visualize the parts of yourself that need repair. Imagine a beautiful cleansing energy entering your toes, and flowing into the soles of your feet to heal the miles you have walked to get to where you are now. It now flows over and through your ankles and shins up through your knees and thighs the blood that flows through your legs facilitate this beautiful healing energy as it touches every sore joint. Feel it as a vibration moving and flowing up and down within you ....Tuning. Restoring.

Allow that energy to flow up over your hips and into your womb: allow it to open what you have been feeling there and hold space for that. As women we hold so much of our emotions in our womb. Trauma bonds, losses, unreleased emotions, that can lead to feelings of anger, fear or manifest in other ways. Whatever you are feeling release it. Use one of your tools to remove it and begin to work on it in your free time. After its been removed lets continue to move the energy ...

Its time to repair your gut health did you know emotions and stress can irritate your intestinal tract move your healing energy to rise up and fill these spaces. Imagine this beautiful energy also flowing up your back to heal any pain you feel there. Have you ever took the time to notice how you feel when someone lays their hand on your back? Do you tense up or do you relax? Is it different for different people? The center of our back represents how we receive love. Is that part of you healthy? if not think about what you need to be repair it, think about the tools needed for you to release what hinders you from receiving love you deserve or what needs to be repaired with those who make you tense.